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Optimising web pages for search engines involves several tasks, most of which are straight-forward. You can keep the costs down by considering some of the points below before asking us to undertake your optimisation.

Beware of over-optimising pages. The primary target of your pages are the real people who will be reading them. The search engines are becoming ever more sophisticated in being able to deliver search results relevant to the requests entered, so if you are satisfying the customer then you will generally be doing the right things with regard to optimising your pages.

There are, however a few things to consider:

Keywords (and key phrases)

Research is needed to decide on the most suitable keywords and phrases to target. Placement of these within each web page needs to be considered carefully. Elements such as the page title, meta tags, body text, alt tags and link text need to contain your keywords without over doing it.

Keyword analysis is also important if you plan to use any "pay-per-click" advertising.


Your web pages need to be relevant to the subject. You will dilute any affectiveness if your pages are too broad in subject matter. This applies both to keywords and to page content.

Page Load Time

This is an important factor. If you pages take too long to load then visitors will become frustrated and leave. Optimising does not just involve the words on a page, the images (pictures, buttons, graphics, etc.) are also important.


If you create a website and don't do anything else then there is a chance it will be found by the search engines. Not an ideal solution. You should put just as much effort and time into promoting your website. Take Note Publishing offers various levels of service, depending on both your budget and how much time and effort you are able to put in yourself. We can set up and monitor "pay-per-click" campaingns, negotiate banner advertising, submit your sites to search engines on a regular basis and more. We can also provide tuition on how to go about these things yourself - saving you money in the long run.