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Take Note Publishing can enhance your existing website or add to your list of services by providing "Add-ons".

These can range from a simple contact form which you can integrate into your website to "stand alone" sections (such as an availability list) which your pages can link to. Here are a few examples of the type of solutions we can offer:

availability calendarAvailability Calendar

This would suit a holiday home lettings calendar, where you might need to indicate which days are free and which are occupied. There is a very good example on a website we have created at Peyroutet.co.uk

availability grid

Availability Grid

This would suit a sports team where you need to keep track of player availability for matches during the season. Generally, this type of information is restricted to members only, so it would be in a password protected area of a website.

The example shown here is a simplified version and you can include editing of names and matches. It can be linked to your membership database.

team selectionOrdered List - Team selection

Drag and drop to put a list into a specific order.

This is ideal for team selection where the order is important, for example the batting order in a cricket team or the player number in a bowls team.

It can also be used for simple quizes, where you need to re-order a set of words, phrases or pictures.

Photo Upload

This can be a simple upload page where customers can send images or it can be an "admin" section for a membership organisation where members can upload their own pictures.

Various functions can be programmed into this add-on, such as:

  • automatic re-sizing
  • overlaying a copyright notice
  • adding information to a database
  • organising photos into galleries

Mailing to Members

A simple mailing or newsletter system where you can send message to your members or a specific mailing list. From short text-only messages through to formatted newsletters. Select from options like "send to all", adult members, specific groups, addresses you tick and more.

Contact Form

Anything from a simple contact form through to an information gathering survey. A basic example is used on this website - just see our contact form page.

A vast array of ways to customise this ranging from data checking (only allow specific types of data, such as only numbers in a telephone field) through to choosing options from a dynamically created list or auto-complete fields.

Nearest ...

If you have stores, people, locations, etc. then this add-on would be ideal if you want to let people know how far away they are. Integrated with Google Maps.

A perfect example of this, showing distances to the nearest travel agent, can be found at Funway's Find an Agent page.

Payment Pages

If you want to sell anything online then you will need some way for people to pay you!

Simple payment pages linked to PayPal right through to full e-commerce solutions. We work closely with SagePay and can integrate their payment solutions into your website.

Many of the website we have created incorporate payment systems - see our website portfolio page for links to sample websites.

Many Other Possibilities

Contact us to discuss your requirements.